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Capslock & Shift thumbnail Title: Tag Team Champion 2017
 Sex: Robots
 Height: 6'8(2m), 5'7(1.7m)
 Created: January 27, 2013
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TLDR: a jock, a youngster and a cat. they robots.



- Loud, confident and fun-loving
- Sociable and chill under casual situations
- Has a very impulsive and genuine way of reacting to things, to both good and bad
- Tires to be responsible and mature around Shift....TRIES.
- Gets over things fairly easily and is not the type to hold grudges


- Calm vocabulary, child-like tendencies
- Will not bother to explain he's a robot but will not lie about it either-- he simply does not think it's a big deal
- Smiling most of the time, he's very hard to read
- Not easily startled or surprised, takes this to an uncanny level
- With the exception of happiness, he tends to lack emotion (or let's say, not have the "proper" reaction) to most situations he's in
- Has yet to understand human social norms.


(Tab has not been properly introduced in my comics so far! Will get to it!)


- Strong and tanky, can withstand bullets and explosions
- Doesn't fight in a precise manner, would wreck the entire place if mad enough
- Agile for his size, basically a wrecking ball at full speed
- Strictly a close-ranged fighter
- Cannot operate weapons designed for delicate human hands.

Note: Capslock knows his own strength and will show restraint if he has to fight someone who's clearly weaker than him. Mostly towards humans.

- Military robot designed for undercover operations
- Pre-programmed with various combat skills and techniques, stored in his subconscious
- Adaptable fighter, quick on his feet
- Faster and stronger than most humans, but not incredibly strong when compared to other robots

Shift specializes in more tactical skills such as disabling/manipulating machinery, determining weak spots, and setting up traps. His arms and legs are easily modifiable to hold different types of tools and weapons.


- The three uniformed dudes at the intro are Toshio, Tuesday and Thursday. They'll show up again if the three are in serious trouble, this can be legally or financially.

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