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Dao thumbnail  Gender: Male body
 Height: An average 5'7.5
 Created: January 7, 2013
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"What's it like existing in two places at once? ...Imagine yourself outside of your own body. Like being in an 'outside of body experience', whatever you call it. And then taking hold of that body by the arm and swinging it around and hitting people with it."

What the hell is he: An ancient Chinese sword at least 2000 years old. That sword is his real form. The human body is a manifestation created by the sword - they exist simultaneously. It’s in all ways human, except that he doesn't age. If he dies, he will reappear some time later. The length of time between resurrections varies and is difficult to predict. Because the body never ages, its deaths are never of natural causes aside from serious illness. The sword seems to deflect any magical effects, but is otherwise a normal antique relic, body or no body.

Personality: Optimistic, persevering, frank and honest. Is rather clueless about the modern world, though he never tires of learning new things about it. Tends to uphold good morals. All he wants is to live a (relatively) normal human life. Has a hyper-awareness of his sword form - the 'self' in his mind is often the sword instead of the human body, so sometimes he'll forget to eat.

Fun bits:
-SWORD PHYSICS (explained in the diagrams on the ref sheet above)
-The chain is enchanted and has a bit of magical stretch.
-Because the sword has to go everywhere with him, he’s having trouble finding a decent job. Most places in Void also have a strict no-weapons policy so he can’t really go anywhere. He ends up with a new job every week or so... Also, he is homeless.
-He’s always wearing the hoodie and leather jacket. No matter how warm it is, he feels chilly. It could be an effect of age on the sword, transferring over to the human body.
-Prefers to stay away from the edges of heights and large bodies of water, because if he falls in then he's p much dead or stuck forever. Generally, both.

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