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Nereide thumbnail  Sex: female
 Height: 5.4'
 Created: October 4, 2012
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Nereide is a dryad and member of a clan which is protecting one of the last great forests on earth.
One day a ruthless company under direction of some man called "Doctor Shepherd" tried to destroy her forest and started fighting with the people of Nereides clan.
After many casulaties on both sides, the company retrieved.
But Nereide fears that they will come again an so she went on a mission to face Shepherd and make shure that her forest will never be attacked again.

She has a very strong connection to nature and will be really agressive to people who are destroying it on purpose.
She can sense the feelings of animals and knows about their condition through their smell, but she can't talk to them.
Also she will hunt Animals and eat their flesh to survive.
She knows the modern world but not everything in it.
She is intelligent and a skilled fighter

She is mostly very calm but loose mouthed and will insult anyone by any chance and pronounce their names wrong on purpose.
She realy hates Humans and people to confound her with fairies
Even though she seems harsh, she has a good heart and will be kind to Animals and children.

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