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THE BEAST OF VOID thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'0"
 Created: August 1, 2012
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Age: 16
Weight: 300 lbs *dense muscle mass + metallic limbs
Attitude: Angry teenage boy

Mike Holtsberg used to be human, before his blood lust awoke hidden animal morphing powers. His old personality is gone, The Beast has control. He is aggressive, ruthless, with a warped sense of humor and sarcasm. He loves to fight, and hates authority. He's still a teenage jock at heart, but his animal impulses get the better of him.

*After having his back broken, THE BEAST was "acquired" by SAINT CORP. and cyberneticly enhanced to fix the damage. He is currently on loan to the NVCPD as a "special tactical asset" to aid in the RETRIBUTION Initiative. They put a bomb in his brain to keep him in line.

- Animal Attribute Morphing
*The Beast can duplicate any type of physiology found in nature, including unique attributes and defense mechanisms.
- Healing Factor (Flesh wounds, broken bones. Can't regenerate full limbs)
- Heightened Senses
- Super Strength (could lift a car if pissed off)
- BEAST MODE: completely berserk behavior, massive size & strength increase. Only lasts about 5 minutes.

- Can't morph back to full human form
- Weak to Telepathy & Mind Control
- Severe Retrograde Amnesia
- Loses temper often
- Is an immature, insecure 16 year old boy.

CYBORG TECH: Saint Corp reinforced The Beast's spine and hips, as well as bonding an illegal Bio-metal compound to his legs.
- LEGS are living metal, can still morph and be weaponized.
- TAIL can also be weaponized.
- HEADSET provides advanced HUD, targeting, full spectrum scanning.
- DATA PORT in skull allows for cyborg updates and emergency data storage.

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- Version 2:
- Version 3:



James Barcus
Age: 37

Personality: tough guy, focused on the job, takes risks to get his adrenaline up. Has a gambling addiction.
Skills: close quarters combat (CQC), firearms training, black ops experiance, tough love.
Powers: N/A

- NVCPD officer
- Former special forces operative
- Liaison with Saint Corp.
- The Beast’s handler

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