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Sasha thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5' 8
 Created: March 31, 2012
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Sasha is, without wasting much time, an amoral, opportunistic, sarcastic pirate of a woman. As far as the Inquisition is aware, and as far as she will admit, she was born in Sicily in 1993. During which time she got inducted into the Sisterhood, a ritualistic and, according to itself at least, an ancient organization of assassins descended from the infamous Hassasins of the middle east during the Crusades.

It was while fulfilling an order from her 'master', a man whom the sisterhood had effectively sold her into slavery to, that she had ran into her current Mentor, Galloglasses. It was Galloglasses' Inquisitorial Team based in New Emerald City which Sasha had been commanded to kill. During an explosion which killed two of Galloglasses' fellow Inquisitors and 5 of their CRU operatives that Sasha was captured and interrogated by a very angry Inquisitor.

Sensing an opportunity to get out of the situation alive, Sasha exploited the Inquisition's anachronistic Mandate which demanded that a captured individual guilty of willfully spilling the blood of an Inquisitor must be allowed to live should they provide useful intelligence in major Inquisitorial operations. Revealing the identity of her master, who himself was a corrupt official in the Inquisition lead to a great purge of the Inquisition of untrustworthy members.

Currently Sasha is exploiting the Mandate still further as any individuals left alive by the Inquisition with knowledge of the Inquisition must be inducted into the Inquisition. Intending to become a recognized inquisitor herself by virtue of her skill set and then manipulate the organization to get revenge on the sisterhood that betrayed her. However wise to her Game, the Grand Master of the Inquisition mandated that her age meant education at an Inquisitorial academy would be unsuitable and thus she would need to be apprenticed, and assigned Galloglasses as her steward, knowing the bitter resentment and residual enmity would mean he would not let a single thing she does go unrecorded.

Currently, she is doing well in her studies, and makes up for the frustration of her plans by tormenting her mentor on a daily basis. Her time in Void is like a fresh start, forgetting of course her arrival through a rift was entirely accidental, especially bringing her mentor and his own set of supernatural security along for the ride, that aside however, she intends to take full advantage of the great opportunity Void city affords her.

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