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Patricia Marquez thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'6"
 Created: March 30, 2012
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Patricia Marquez, Vampire Outreach Counselor

She looks about 26, but in reality she’s closer to 66. After being a vampire for some time, she decided to fight for the cause of vampire rehabilitation. She’s a one person operation, but has a close relationship with the police department and the city officials. After getting a call about a rogue vampire on the streets, it’s her job to go and talk them down and get them back into safe state. If they’re presenting a danger to themselves or the people around them, Patricia herself will have to step in to restrain them. She keeps fairly detailed records of the vampires in the city, as she often has to deal with them multiple times. She does her best to keep them off the streets and off of human blood, holding clinics and workshops on vampire nutritional alternatives and lifestyle changes. Honestly, it’s a mostly thankless and stressful job, but to her it’s worth it to see vampires go back to living on their own, hunting-free. Even if things sometimes get screwed up, she cares very much about “her” people and her heart is always in the right place.

Patricia is pretty strong and agile by vampire standards, due mostly to a consistent diet, even if it’s just pig blood and vitamins. Contrary to popular belief, most vampires don’t feed particularly often, and are usually very malnourished. Patricia also has the other common vampire abilities of flight and shape-shifting, although she’s not particularly good at either. Like all vampires, she has a very poor reaction to contact with direct sunlight, garlic, or silver.

Patricia organizes vampires into three broad categories, each with its own issues:
Lucid – these are usually new-turns or folks that have fallen off the wagon. They’re usually just confused and scared and probably hungry. New-turns will usually have considerable inhibitions about feeding for the first time; in addition to adjusting to being a vampire, they may not know their own strength and lash out at people around them.
Feral – as the name implies, feral vampires are wild and irrational, a result of not feeding for too long. They are very dangerous and impossible to reason with, although this doesn’t stop Patricia from trying. After restraint and getting some blood into their system, they will usually recover in a couple days. This is the most common type of call that Patricia gets.
Predatory – these are by far the most dangerous vampires. They feed consistently on humans willingly, with no real desire to lead the hunting-free lifestyle that Patricia advocates. They are incredibly strong and fast thanks to a strong diet and lots of practice using their abilities on humans. Patricia will usually need back-up on a case like this, and will send them off to a detention center after restraint. She is adamantly against de-fanging any vampire, as she considers it cruel and inhumane.

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