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Morrow Stone thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 4' 6" ish
 Created: March 29, 2012
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Name: Morrow Stone
Age: 11 Years
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Languages: English Only

Morrow is a happy going and carefree individual who would make the best of any situation and stop to help any person or thing in need, regardless of wether or not it seems the "smart" thing to to. Always compassionate, Morrow was never the brightest, but always a good pal and loves to be outside in the dirt.

The younger of twin boys boys ( by approximately two minutes), Morrow is more prone to startle at loud noises or large boistrous animals. He's been known to become upset easily, or even cry if the situation became too unruly. He depends quite a lot on those around him to tell him what to do and is easily converted to a cause. Fast to make friends and fearless at their side, Morrow will only join in on a fight if a new friend is in danger ( but he'd do little to resist on his own behalf.) Most just overlook him as a non-threat, which is mostly true.


Morrow has the ability to control plant life. ( So naturally, he keeps a stock of dirt and seeds in his pockets.) This power, appearantly, ran through the family half a dozen generations ago and was thought to be lost. ( Though of course he never told his parents.) Since childhood he has been able to work with all forms of greens, from living and fully formed plants to mending them to life from seeds. An ability attained but never used was his power to also shrivel plant life until it withered away.

Once a plant is dead, Morrow cannot bring it back to his command. This means that if you have a cactus on your desk he could easily manipulate it--but he could not sprout new wood from the long deceased wood of your desk.

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