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Max, Maximus thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5ft 6in / 167.6cm
 Created: March 18, 2012
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MATCH NOTE (subject to change between matches): Max is suffering from self inflicted malnourishment, so his energy and focus are low. Staying awake with stimulants (coffee, pills, etc...) is how he pushes himself further.

Weight: 197 lbs / 89 Kg
Age: Unknown, appears to be 57 years of age
D.O.B.: Unknown
Species: Human
Clothing: The cloths shown are just what hes wearing as he enters the "city." They can change as time goes on. One rule stands, the shackles around his ankles cannot be removed. This, in turn, means Max doesn't wear pants.



No physical prowess beyond that of a normal individual of his supposed age.

Psionic - a broad spectrum term including many different potential abilities (i.e. Telekinetic, Telepathic, Pyrokenetic, Cryokenetic, Psychometabolic, Illusions, etc...) boiling down to one generalized phrase. Mind over matter. Which is Max's power in a nut shell, not only can he do just about anything his mind can fathom (short of manipulating reality at a molecular level). The level of proficiency displayed is that of a seasoned master in the use of his powers. Though the origins of his abilities are shrouded in mystery with his own past.

Simple Power Usages:
Levitation, Mind Reading, Enhanced Physical Attributes (i.e. Strength, Speed, etc...), shields, regeneration (needs food/energy the more he heals), manipulation of heat and cold.

Advanced Power Usages:
Psychometabolic Sensory Depravation/Manipulation - To control ones ability to interact with the world. What you see, feel, taste, hear and smell are all subject to manipulation. Common usage is to prevent others from knowing Max is present.

Horror Manifestation - Max produces a VISUAL recreation of the subjects worst fear. The manifestation cannot actually interact without additional powers (i.e. isn't capable of touching things, simply an illusion). Common use is to avoid potential threats/interactions.

Deep Cognitive Penetration - When focused on an individuals thoughts, access to memories can be achieved. Even forgotten events such as childhood memories or suppressed traumas.

NOTE: Max's powers are tied to how well he can focus, and psychometabolic powers require energy from the body. Max can manifest powers even while sedated, if he becomes aware of it of course. His powers work on electronics (i.e. read electronic signals like telephone calls).


Social Behavior:
At first glance Max appears to be a quiet, distant and potentially troubled individual. His hypnophobia (fear of sleep) and amnesia leave him in a dazed like state from outward appearances. His dark hair, pointed teeth, unkempt appearance and general lack of hygiene make him rather unsavory to be around let alone come into contact with. This is all a defense mechanism he has developed to avoid social interaction. This defense is advanced further by his overwhelming paranoia that people will discover that he is so very unstable. It legitimately frightens him for people to get emotionally attached to him. His powers, specifically his telepathy, is used to keep people unaware of his presence. Max constantly reads the surface thoughts of everyone within 30 feet of him. He can penetrate deeper if he deems it necessary. Another reason he reads minds is to enforce his own self doubt in his ability to care for others. I'm not gonna lie, he's very depressing at a first impression. If he can't avoid he uses his abilities to frighten people. Learning their worst fears and convincing them they are real, or simply be an absolute jerk. Final note is he occasionally will try to get himself beat up, he sees it as punishing himself.

If you succeed in gaining his trust and can stand being around him long enough you learn that this seemingly uneducated fellow (public high school drop out) is disturbingly intelligent (masters degree holder). This may give insight into his power origin.


If Max fails to avoid, subdue or repel an aggressor, and learns they have intent to harm him for any reason. Max is not cocky, not show boaty and shows no restraint. If you put him in a position to defend himself. NO MERCY IS GIVEN. You will have presented him with no reason to give you a chance. He will use his powers to cripple, maim, incapacitate, or even kill you without batting an eye. Use your imagination.


Additional Quirks:
Max is not evil, just extremely rude. If a little girl try's to interact with him he will try to ignore her as best as possible. If an innocence is in harms way with no immediate savior in sight, he will step in. Just as he is not evil, he is NOT a hero either.

Max carries himself as a man of experience. Not easily startled or surprised, having seen many bizarre things in his life.

The scars on his wrist seem to be left by some kind of restraint, probably shackles resembling the ones on his ankles. Good luck getting the story of those out of him.

No records of his existence before 10 years prior to current records. Little to no records of him exist even now. No known affiliates. Always seems to have money but never reveals how he gets it, despite willingly living like a bum.

The only people you may ever hear him talk about is his 'brothers' of which there are two.


I don't want Max to seem Mary Sue/Gary Stu like in any way, but rather I want him to be a true power presence. Not a rookie, not a guy learning his abilities and how they influence his moral compass. He is firmly rooted in his powers and knows them intimately.

The challenge with Max is almost entirely social. And that's the way I want it. How can I/you work with Max's severe social inadequacies. Good luck :3

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