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Baghead thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 3'6
 Created: March 17, 2012
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Name: Baghead
Age: Unknown
Height: 3'6"
Weight: 86 lbs

Baghead is a being created by a powerful necromancer in his home world. A devilish tyke with a childish blood-lust for a fight, he has a habit of starting trouble and ruckus in his surroundings without a proper caretaker. Through reckless actions, Baghead lost his way to his home world. He now resides in Void City at a cozy apartment with a rookie detective, of the VCPD, who was the first to discover him. He's surprisingly casual about the situation he's in and slowly learning to become obedient.

His bad habits of under-minding his studies, portal traveling to different worlds, and comic books eventually revokes his ability to summon the undead by his master. But in return, he was given a healing factor to avoid certain death on his reckless and adventurous battles. In Void City, he's learning the ways of "the troll" through the internet and mimics moves and quotes some of the pop culture icons in anime and comics.

Highly upbeat and a bit blatant on the disturbing and/or grotesque. This is most likely due to his master's calm nature towards death and torture. He's a C-class martial artist with a mild berserker strength, Baghead is a moderate combatant on the battlefield. He also likes kittens.


Vlad Mark III - An arcane blood axe which has the ability to drain blood from its victims. The blade can drastically change size and shape, so Baghead has to be careful when summoning the weapon. But what's most interesting about the weapon is that the blade is forged from blood stored in its handle; from which the blade can also return inside the handle to be "travel-size." It's been known to howl when unsheathed and feasting. (laughs)

"J.R." - Baghead's arcane switch blade nicknamed "J.R." This blade's ability is designed to consume metallic material through contact. Crafted to be Baghead's "Swiss army knife", it can turn into a small selection of bladed weapons to suit the odds better. And like Vlad, it can store a faction amount of metal for emergency. This blade isn't known to speak like Vlad, but it's known to have a quiet laugh from time to time.

Hook-shots - (self explanatory?) Used mainly to get to high places and acquire objects.

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