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Micheal St. Miller thumbnail  Sex: M
 Height: 6 feet
 Created: November 4, 2011
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Micheal St. Miller

Left at the steps of St. Miller's Orphanage as a baby. Raised catholic and then left at 18.

Miller is calm, quiet and sometimes carries quite a sense of humor.

Since he was little, he was kept within the vicinity but noticed he had an odd power.

He can use souls of the dead to aid him by materializing them as weapons and objects.

Also his strength lies in his ability to store and build up spirit energy.

Like a fighting game character, the more Micheal attacks or gets hit, the more energy he builds up allowing him to strike with a powerful technique.

Somewhere deep in his mind though, parts of himself are emerging wanting to take over, and now Micheal is literally on a journey of self-discovering meeting the parts that he's been suppressing for years.

Quiet, cracks jokes often, never seems to look like he takes anything but his on self seriously.

he tends to be suppressive of his feelings and it's finally taking a toll on him.

Turning Souls in weapons and items based on the soul.

Speedy-can throw a barrage of attacks as long as he's building up spirit energy.

Above-average strength

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