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Shaytan thumbnail  Gender: Macho
 Height: 5'9
 Created: Prior to recording
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A common misconception is that Hell is ruled by the Devil
that is not true, Hell is not the opposite of heaven, rather, its complimet; good ppl go to heaven bad ppl go to hell.

That being said, our little sexual harassment demon, Shaytan, was kicked out of the demon dimention, called 'DemDim'.

Why you say? gotta wait for his BG story

Whats he doing in Void now? gathering funds to open his very own gas station with his very own STim SHorton coffee place.

What are his powers? he IS a demon...

What are his skills?
- Ability to steal any panties with 6.66m radiue
- 99.89% Peeping success rate
- AFS (automatic fondling system)
- Understands bird linguistics and speech system
- Makes great MilkShakes
- B+ in Physics

What are his unique extraspecial powas?
- Kick (c)
- Horny beam of irritation
- Hands of Lord Pantie
- Hands of Lord Boob
- Nipple twister
- Slap (c)
- Punch (c)

Finishing moves
- Dante's Inferno (flame magic)
- Cthulhu Dawn(summoning)
- Combo 666 (fast attack targeting all 'vital points' on the body, instant kill)

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