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Enzeru thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: 5' 8
 Created: June 19, 2011
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Evan Poe was a troubled soul until the night he met a street preacher named Rudy in a diner. Rudy, a former heroin addict who’d OD’d in an abandoned warehouse and saw hell, shared his testimony to a captivated Evan. Before leaving, Rudy gave Evan some Chick tracts (the comic book ones). A few nights later, this encounter still weighed heavily on Evan’s mind and heart. As he lay in bed, he prayed and accepted Christ as his personal savior. Once saved, the Holy Spirit came upon him and Enzeru was born.

The birth of the Enzeru (human angel) did not go undetected. In the Spirit world, the Holy angels rejoiced and praised God’s work; while the Fallen angels and their demonic soldiers cursed and blasphemed the Creator.

The sons of hell gathered and decided to send their demons out into the world of man to test the Enzeru's power. They seek to defile God’s work and want nothing more than to tempt and corrupt Enzeru so that he too will join them in eternal suffering and brutality like so many humans before.

• Enzeru’s power grows as Evan’s faith grows.
• Enzeru never kills humans. If attacked, he will defend himself using nonlethal force.
• Enzeru will use a Holy Spirit orb which will drive out or dispense any demonic influence the human may be under which usually places them under conviction with the hopes that they will seek Christ.
• Physical injuries sustained as Enzeru are healed when Evan transmogrifies but the psychological effect of those injuries remain.

• Fly
• Enhanced strength and agility
• Beginner level skill at angelic form of martial arts
• Forearm “talons”
• Holy Spirit orbs

• Human side-self-doubt, insecurity, temper; etc
• Excessive alcohol or drugs will inhibit the transformation
• Transformation lasts for seven hours straight or intermittently
• Inexperience with fighting and lack of faith

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