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Gossamer Swan thumbnail Title: Void's Sexiest 2018, Armageddon 2017 Winner
 Gender: Female
 Height: 5'6
 Created: April 5, 2011
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Name: Pascaline Marie Laurent (nickname Pasca) 
DOB: April 5
Age: 23 (27 at time of HW)
Language: English and French

Personality: Friendly, generous, motherly, loves children, will gladly lend a helping hand when needed, and while normally patient and merciful she can just as easily turn cold and cynical when something serious is up or is infuriated with something/someone. She unintentionally comes off proud and snooty, and finds it hard to truly forgive certain people, but isn't completely heartless to the core. All she really wants is to do good in any way she can.

Skills/Talents: Ballet, taekwondo, excellent balance and flexibility. Near-Impossible to trip her up.

Favourites/Likes: Keeping everything tidy and orderly, tea, pink and blue colours, reading romance novels, fashion, the beach, anything French-themed, knitting crafts, and dancing.

Hates/Dislikes: Messes, liars, rude and impertinent people, criminals in general, escargot, coffee and junk food.
Strengths: Fit, loyal, self-sacrificing, active, and can cook well enough.

Weaknesses: Workaholic. Sometimes comes off strict and bossy (particularly in teaching-mode), her generous side can sometimes cloud common sense without her realising it. Cynical, particularly when in an unforgiving mood or extremely stressed out due to some event.

Power/s: Aeromancer. Abilities include flight and a fighting style she created by combining her ballet skills with taekwondo. She also harbours a powerful form known as Sylph State, one she rarely uses as it can drain her to the point where she could end up powerless and flightless for a few days. During which she must recharge if she is to continue using her wind abilities. Only in dire situations does Swan dare draw extra energy from this form to help boost her powers. Her sole means of defense if drained is her taekwondo training.

Despite all this, Sylph State is very convenient, allowing Swan to effortlessly whip up more powerful gusts, razor winds as well as increase speed in flight and movement. When completely enraged, she may whip up stormy weather in her surroundings. This form is made purely of air, anything physical like bullets and knives phase through without scarring or injuring her. The only thing that can harm Sylph State form is magic.

Other Details: Has over-protective parents, with whom she's not on good terms. Continues her job as a Ballet Teacher at Laurent's Dance Studio in the Renaissance Mall owned by Ancelin.


Bio: Born and raised in Void City, Pasca discovered at a young age that she could control wind currents at will. Her parents Pierre and Marceline were not shocked by this, but were 'unable' to explain the origins of these powers to her. Though her parents encouraged their daughter's gift, they strongly insisted to her that she never use it for fighting, even to save others. Their reasons for so are not known.

Having grown weary of Void's ever-rising crime rate, Pierre and Marceline moved to another town while Pasca opted to remain behind. Once her parents left, Pasca went against their wishes and secretly pursued the life of a crime-fighter under the name of Gossamer Swan.

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