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Ivan Reinhardt thumbnail  Gender: Boy
 Height: 4'4
 Created: July 24, 2010
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Name: Ivan Reinhardt

Age: 9

Occupation: Acrobat, Juggler (Diabolo), All-round circus performer

Family: Darius (Father), Matvei (Grandfather residing in Russia)

Place of Residence: Reinhardt's Circus Extraordinare (Once a traveling circus)

Ivan is one of the youngest star performers in the circus troupe run by his family. He has been performing since he was a small tot, pretty much learning to do flips before he can even walk. Being an all-rounder, he can perform various agility and acrobatic acts, but his forte is in juggling Diabolo act.

His family has moved to Void and have decided to settle and become a permanent entertainment attraction in the city of Void. Being a naturally curious child, he's keen on exploring everything about his new environment. He'll often skip out on practice and school to play around and inadvertently cause mischief which usually lands him in a lot of trouble.

Ivan isn't completely defenseless however, he can use his small size and acrobatic ability to get himself out of harms way and if need be, he can use his Diabolos to inflict damage even if they are usually used for performance purposes.

Steel Diabolo - specially designed for fire/pyro acts
Red Diabolo - varies in weight, typical diabolo used
Blue Diabolo - lightest of the 3 used for longer air time

If Diabolo's aren't readily available he can use anything the resembles a spool. He can juggle a max of 5-6 at a time and working on getting more, but his usual is 3. Rods used to juggle are made of a light weight steel with a thin flexible wire.

Other info/continuity:

- Solely raised by his father Darius, the ringleader, his mother is deceased.

- Best friends with Boek Aestrin and often times hangs out with him and a few other children in the neighborhood.

- Currently attending Void Primary Academy as a 4th grader.

- Alongside Luna, Salvatore and Sketchy, helped defeat the Moon and Seven.

- Arena mentors Ivan as part of a "Big Sister" program for troubled youth.

- Is part of the Arena's Entourage D'Arene and helps them whenever and however he can.

- Is a member of the Avant-Guardians

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