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Turtle thumbnail  Gender: male
 Height: 4'3"
 Created: July 23, 2010
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The boy known to his classmates as Turtle (due to his uncorrectable slouch and uninterested attitude) grew up in a small town in the middle of nowhere, USA, until his entire town was invaded, sedated, and abducted by a group of drunk, intergallactic frat aliens. Thanks to his trial ADD meds, which cancelled out the affect of the sedatives, Turtle singlehandedly rescued the town and expelled the collegiate aliens in his panicked frenzy.
Turtle was then seen as neurotic to family and friends, describing a mass abduction of the town and alien puke in vivid detail, which no one else could remember. He his family moved to Void City for a change of pace from stagnant suburban life. The "excitement" of the city only made Turtle more wary of the people around him, going out only when forced by his mother to "make some friends in the neighborhood!". He now suspects a large part of the population are alien and out to get him.

Turtle dislikes speaking, adding a smart-assed comment only when appropriate. He refuses to cut the bangs in front of his eyes. After his first run ins with nonhuman creatures in Void City, he always wears a tinfoiled helmet to protect him from alien mind control (the movies and books said so). He also has a metal baseball bat, which he keeps at his side at all times. He believes a majority of what he sees in sci-fi horror movies.

Turtle is nervous around strangers, although when at ease, becomes lethargic, and gets easily sidetracked. His first reaction in a dangerous situation is to panic and run, but when pushed into a corner, will utilize his surroundings and resourcefulness to get himself out. HATES aliens.

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