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Marie Fitzpatrick thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'0''
 Created: July 23, 2010
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At the age of Seventeen, Marie has decided to go it alone. She was raised by her mother's best friend, after her mother 'disappeared' and spent the last sixteen years moving around from city to city to avoid her mother's fate. Her 'father' wanted tried to keep her sheltered from the reality of what she is, and the harshness of the world around her. Unfortunately that left Marie unprepared for the world on her own. There are a lot of things she has yet to learn.

For the most part she's pretty innocent to the dangers of the world she inhabits. She has been known to take the easiest rout out of most 'hard' tasks. Usually it turns out to be the hardest. She hates house work, so she doesn't keep much that needs to be cleaned. She hates shopping, so she only gets what she needs at the time. She hates working, so she looks for the quickest way to make a buck.
Marie is timid, for the most part, and easily frightened, though she's actually quite curious, once she's settled down.

She squeaks if she's startled, stammers when trying to hold a normal conversation, and shouts when she's trying not to stammer.

Likes: Music, Singing(super shy about it though, blushes and clams up when caught) Video games, and cartoons.

Abilities: Shape shifting-Marie can turn into whatever animal she wants, though they will always appear white bodied/light yellow bellied with pale blue eyes. She's clumsy, no matter what shape she's in, and often finds herself injured because of it. She's been known to cry over a skinned knee. Her ability with animals is limited to what she's seen all sides of, but not what is real and what isn't. However, she can't use any 'powers' fake animals would have (such as a dragon's fire, or a Kirin's wishgranting(or healing, depending on the myth))

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