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 Height: 5,11
 Created: July 23, 2010
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The Blackbird

United States Government official release on the individual/phenomenon known as the Blackbird.

Speculation as to his identity and origin coincide with an incident that occurred on the science outpost Prometheus on Saturn's moon Enceladus over four years ago.

The mission of project Prometheus was to receive and decode a distant radio signal, originating from the Andromeda(M31) galaxy. The unique magnetic field created by Saturn's moon Enceladus allowed for an increase in transmission receiving and delivering power. At some point during the experiment communication from the outpost to com stations on Earth's moon ceased. A nearby satellite was used to try and re-establish communication with the outpost. The satellite was unable to reconstitute the lost signal, but photographed the compound, revealing heavy structural damage. This has been unanimously agreed to be what killed the crew.

The reasons behind the speculated ties between the Blackbird and the incident at Prometheus, are the uncanny similarities between Blackbird's technology, and the technology being tested on the outpost for theoretical experiments. Mainly those experiments having to do with gravity and magnetic fields. These experiments were only being tested at the moon base on Enceladus.

First Appearance was exactly four years after the incident on Enceladus. He has since been seen on three separate occasions. Two of which were in Void City.

Known Blackbird abilities as observed by the United States Military:

.Manipulation of gravity fields
.Feats of strength beyond normal human capacity
.Bending of light (active camouflage)

This concludes the official United States Government release on information regarding the phenomenon Blackbird.

Personality: Blackbird is very stoic, doesn't talk much but when he does you better listen. Highly intelligent, but not snobby. Has a dry since of humor. He is benevolent and would rather apprehend a threat instead of killing it.

Disclaimer on Blackbirds abilities:
He only uses the teleportation for interstellar travel and can only do it a couple of times before it drains his power, pretty much the same principle for all his powers. He is limited in how often he can do these things in one setting,its how he uses what he has that makes him interesting.

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