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Sammy Bertchwood thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6.4
 Created: July 23, 2010
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Bio: Meet Sammy! Born in a small little village and raised by two poor farmers until they were persuaded to sell their own son for several experiments. The scientist's goal was to make a young human being into a light and agile person and they were successful. Sammy was well schooled during his time at the labs and even volunteered to become one of the scientists after he 'graduated' but according to the rules, experiments were not allowed to become a scientist. Their only job option was to either become a body guard or a assassin. The young man didn't want any of that despite being neutral good and instead escaped from the labs when he had the chance. Also he was trained a bit to defend himself against others if necessary. Now during his times when he was experimented on, Bertchwood was quite a flirt with both the girls AND the guys. So now Sammy's goal is just simply to travel around the world and maybe even become a hire scientist himself.

Personality: As mentioned before in the biography, Sammy is attracted towards both males and females. He doesn't really take sides and can be quite a wimp at most times which is a good thing he can easily escape and jump at great heights. Though he's good neutral and loves to show off his 'beauty' and is quite a cuddler. Sammy isn't always a goody-two shoes, if it comes to the situation, the young man is able to defend himself and others.

Weapon(s): Buck knife (though it's only for back up)

Special Ability(s): High jumps, super speed!

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