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Trix thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'
 Created: July 22, 2010
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Since coming to Void, Trix has become haunted by Mr. Creamy, an almagation of spirits created by an 'accident'. She is now incredibly unstable, suffering hallucinations and poltergeist-like effects at the same time.

As such, her personality has changed considerably; She no longer behaves as carefree as she used to, even when in the safety of her bunkers. She also wears various masks when she's possessed, though she doesn't have a particular mask for particular spirits, and only wears the masks when it's a consensual possession (i.e. with 710). Trix is almost always on edge, hypervigilance and paranoia getting the better of her.

It has been a few years, and she's had a growth spurt. She's about five feet tall when standing straight, though she hobbles and crouches a lot now. She's now about 15 years old.

710's personality remains much the same: He's stoic and cold, but wants to protect Trix and remembers little of how he died. He remembers much of how the Foundation works, and tries to help Trix survive against their tactics.

Trix now weilds an iconic weapon, a long barreled revolver. The bullets are special; anything she shoots with it will have a spirit transferred into it and will come to life for a short period. If she shoots a person, herself and the person shot will be transferred into a world created by the spirit she used. Bullets still deal real physical damage, however, they are more lightweight and fragile than normal bullets, meaning they do not deal as much damage.

Post Scar Match 1 Damage: She has lost her left arm, just above the elbow.

Spirit Medium (Usually with the gun, now)
Clairvoyance (a bit more controllable now, but still mostly random)

Notes on the Foundation:
-Little has been revealed, but they now have infiltrated Void, making Trix even more cautious than before.
-They are intending to encapsulate Void entirely, as evidenced by a fence built several miles out with armed guards. This fence surrounds Void.

(Note: The Foundation notes are only relevant if you wish to use Trix's Void when fighting her.)

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