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Abura Oribu thumbnail  Sex: Female
 Height: 5'3" (160 cm)
 Created: July 22, 2010
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Go Dobutsu-Kai was a typical classic action anime, about a man who saved the world with his power to shapeshift into any animal. His trusty sidekick was Abura Oribu, a girl with more-than-basic technological smarts, but quite obviously a token female character used to bring in female viewers. Her role on the show was basically to sit there and look pretty, and sometimes give moral support to the hero. After decades of being a subservient background character, she'd had enough. She split from the show and went out to prove to herself that she can be independent and bold and experiment with life. She wants to do everything she could never do before, and is trying her hardest to break free from her "character", although she sometimes reverts back to her naive cutesy anime persona. She'll curse, smoke, drink, and try anything in order to break free from what she used to be.

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