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R thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: approximately 5'10
 Created: July 21, 2010
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R was a normal human (of normal name) who was raised in a "human utopia." His city was not racist or discriminatory to anything or anyone, as long as it was human. He grew up with the same mentality of all the citizens: furries, robots, and anything else inhuman that claimed to be civil and knowledgeable is wrong. He did, however, end up studying paleontology in the city's college. It was there where he suffered a radioactive change into the raptor/lizard creature he is now. After escaping his city during the same night, R spent his life wandering from city to city, getting kicked out and attacked just for being a-- uh, raptor-lizard-human-thing. This brings him to Void, where he hopes he can survive the onslaught of anthropomorphic hatred. Little does he know how bad Void really is.

R's powers and abilities are centered around his 3-fingered (and clawed) right hand, where the radioactivity mainly absorbed into his body. My pushing the palm of this hand to a person's cranium, he absorbs any DNA which grants the user special powers. This makes his arm transform into the opponent's arm and allows him to copy certain powers. Otherwise, R has very little training for combat or self-defense. He does, however, have two large talons sticking out of his feet at all times.

Appearance: There are a few things you should remember when portraying R! First, there's a dark brown stripe across his muzzle area and more following down his spine and tail. Second, R's hands are different! His left hand is the normal 5-fingered hand and is generally clawless. In fact, it has human-like fingernails. His right hand, however, has 3 fingers (including thumb) and claws. This is the hand that contains his power.

At this point in time, R is not aware of his "copy ability."

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