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Cavallero thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'0
 Created: May 2, 2010
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Too Long DONT WANNA READ: Some Italian dude in armor who runs around stabbing things with swords.
He's a knight errant/exorcist/paladin with heroic qualities that is on a quest and often faces supernatural (and natural threats).

Name : Gabriel Cavallero
Age: 22
Nationality: Italian

Cavallero started life as an Italian Orphan blessed with a spiritual artifact known as a Surplice. He was taken in by the Knightly Order of Twilight Saints, an order of modern day Paladins, who have been training since the crusades as elite warriors and exorcists. He became known as the Sword Saint, able to summon seven legendary swords with different magical abilities. Cavallero was expelled from the Order for disobeying orders and punching out a cardinal. He now travels the world living by his faith and ideals. Seeking to help those in need.

s the ability to summon one of seven legendary swords. The sword has to be in his hand for it's ability to be called forth.

Excalibur: The legendary blade of King Arthur. It's holy shine blinds the wicked and burns evil.
Sevenbranched Blade: Blades that can traverse and grow to any extent. An ancient Korean blade.
Hrunting: A sword that becomes sharper based on willpower. It's shattered form is based on the Legend of Beowulf.
Durendal: A sword that can only cut mythical and supernatural beings, it cannot cut the living or the physical. The sword that belonged to the legendary Paladin, Roland, a knight of Charlemagne.
Kladenets: A sword that can cut magical spells by disrupting mana flows and destroying seals. A magical sword found in Russian fairy tales.
Tizona: A sword that strikes fear and reveals truth. One of two swords wielded by the Legendary Spanish warrior, El Cid.
Kusanagi: A sword that cuts the very air itself, producing razor sharp vacuum winds with every stroke. Such movements can be used not only for cutting but also for something that resembles wind manipulation (strong gusts can be made but it's not from air molecule control). The Grass Cutting Blade said to be created from the tail of the Orochi and wielded by Susanoo.

The swords are miracles. In other words, they shouldn't exist and don't apply to reality's rules.

Cavallero carries around normally the basic Exorcist tool, the pure silver Cross Chain. With it he can form barriers, bind enemies or just go Indiana Jones with it.

He's also knowledgeable in all forms of exorcism, Western, Eastern or otherwise.

He's a pleasant guy who has a great curiosity for people and customs. Often joking or helping people. He's a righteous guy and he is firm in his convictions but often feels helpless because of the inherent evil he observes in people. He's pretty much a busybody and his views are rather black and white. He can always be found smiling. His best qualities are his iron will and unshakable faith.

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