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 Created: April 14, 2010
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Brownstone Castle was once a private community, safe from the chaos of Void. It was inhabited by a variety of people, but the family that stood out the most was the one of Princess. She was once a happy woman, daughter of the Sofa King, now settled down and married to her Prince. She even had two beautiful little girls.

There was not happily ever after though. It turns out that the Prince was actually a Beast. Princess found herself victim to his rage night after night. She cried for help each of those nights. There were so many open window and so many gossipy women to over hear. Surely someone would call the police or come to her aid. Many heard but none helped.

One night the Beast's anger overwhelmed the household. He suffocated both of his daughters and savagely beat his wife. Then he left.

Princess slipped into Death's arms and Death offered her a deal: "I'll give you what you desire as long as I receive souls." The only thing Princess wanted now was revenge.

And so she received the power to do so. Princess became a cruel ghost; quick, vicious and capable of creating and controlling her minions. Her first act was to resurrect her daughters. What came to be was a twisted image of them: Rose Red and Snow White. From there they began to punish those neighbors who heard and did not act. And from those came her Lieutenants: Puss in Boots, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel and Goldilocks.

But all the power and anger was not enough, they were confined to their castle. That's when Princess remembered her half of the bargain remained incomplete, she had to supply more souls. For years she lured hapless victims into the castle, murdering countless innocents, until one day, Death decided she has paid her debt and could search for the Beast.

... But Death is not one to be trusted, and she played one final trick on Princess. She supplied the Beast power as well, and hid him away in Void Park, and made it so Princess and her Army of Ghosts could never enter that part of the city. All of this to make Princess rampage and tear through Void, searching for satisfaction and never finding it.

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