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Hyperion thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'14 with Helmet
 Created: January 27, 2010
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Name: unknown
Codename: Hyperion
Age: equivalent to 42 human years
Gender: Male
Height: 5'10' or '6'14 with helmet

Hyperion is one of the best, and few high warrior priests from the race Za’atar, a race that adores their deity, ZA’A The Lord of the Entropy, or thy god of the great End , as they call him
Soon after the ZA’ATARIANS have reached the final evolutionary step millenniums ago, they started to disseminate the faith for Thy God ZA’A through the universe, travelling from planet to planet, converting the inhabitants to their faith, or bring destruction upon the ones who show reluctant to embrace the ZA’ATARIAN religion.
Uncombed to his holy task, the high warrior priest Hyperion comes to Planet Earth…Void city.

-Super human Strength ( equal to 100 men +/- )
-His Hi tech armor suit, although not very resistant, enables him to fly or hover with the jet boots.
-In the right arm brace he has a console that can be used to give a brief analysis of the battle or enemy.
-His right arm brace is able to create a force field, which protect him...but weakens at every use.
-Master in Puk’na, a destructive martial art from the Planet ZA’ATAR.
-As an high warrior priest, Hyperion have the ability to release some sort of a small destructive hurricane, he calls “Entropic Flux”, where he stands in the middle of the radius, while everything near gets wrecked.
This technique it's his last resort in the battle…it’s a manifestation of his God ZA’A, so, Hyperion goes Berserk mode, and may pass out.

Weak against:
-Telephatic beings or powers.
-Time/Space beings or powers.
-Desease or death ( he is not immortal )
-Electricity or EMP ( Electro Magnetic Pulse ) weaponry could jam or deactivate Hyperion’s High Tech Armor, as well as cybernetic beings could shut down the Armor too.
-The loss of his God's connection ( Hyperion’s fanatical purpose is to devote his life to the God ZA’A ‘s will…so…if this happens, he might feel empty, hollow inside. )

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