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Lust thumbnail  Sex: Female.
 Height: Ideal.
 Created: January 27, 2010
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Normally a sweet type of flirty, she's a seducer at heart, so she'll change her style without even knowing it. But without fail, she'll get pissed (in a cute, sexy manner of course) and demand death to those who don't like her (tsundere types are exempt since they're liars).

Special Ability:
Inducing otaku-nosebleeds. Even if they're not otakus or interested in females.

Fighting Style:
She's got a great intuition for discerning a person's "type", and then finishes the job with a "Love-Love Knock-Out! <3". (J/K~) Remember, she's a lover not a fighter! And if her charms fail, she'll sic her stalkers/fan -boys & -girls on them. (She's got plenty to spare. PLENTY.)

Lust was just wandering by in her eternal quest to conquer the world by turning everyone into her loyal, fanatical minions -er- fans! She's already conquered the Narutards and whatever you call those Bleach-heads, so you know she's a force to be reckoned. She's hoping to surpass her even more gorgeous brother, Pride (who stole all the Twilight fans btw). There's also a lot of rumors about her being a succubus, a vagina dentata, vampire, and other ridiculous things. Seriously, the things fans like to speculate.

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