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Kaji thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'9
 Created: January 27, 2010
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Gender: Male
Height: 5'9 / 1.80cm
Age:150 / 27 Human years
Species: Demon

Kaji was part of an Elite Demon Army sent to Earth to battle against a Legion of Angels, he was defeated and imprisoned underground by a powerful Archangel. Only after 50 years he was finally able to escape his confinement, though he found himself bound to Earth and unable to go back to Gehenna, where he belonged.

Methodical, sarcastic and playful. A sadistic bastard who enjoys fighting.
He despises humans and considers them as nothing but mere pets or in most cases targets.

Powers and Abilities:
Swordsmanship and Hand to Hand Combat
Earth Summoning
Superhuman Strenght
High level of Stamina

(or 'Mono', as Kaji refers to him sometimes)
Gender: n/a
Height: 0'8 / 25cm
Species: Demon

He is basically a part of Kaji's body, and the source of Kaji's demonic abilities (flying and earth summoning) which is why they always stay close to each other, prolonged periods of time apart will end up in Kaji not being able to Fly or Summon his ability to control Earth.

They communicate through telepathy, the range of this particular ability is of a considerable extent.

When needed to fly - which is not that often - Nagaremono returns to Kaji's body and transforms into his wings.

Though they share pretty much the same personality, Nagaremono is not that into playing with their 'victims', though can be sometimes as curious as a little boy.

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