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OS-1 thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'10
 Created: January 26, 2010
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Name:OS-1 (Octopus Specimen #1)
Sex: Male
Hght: 5'10"
Wght: 160 lbs.

Bio: After the death of Draxx, his long-time nemesis The "O" were finally able to create the perfect fighting vessel by merging Draxx's DNA with that of their own species. In an attempt to expound on the specimen's potential and capabilities, they enlisted their "child" into the Speed Death Tournament. In doing so, they hope to acknowledge and make amends in it's physical and mental shortcomings he may have (and what the father sample had) in the realm of battle.

*Strength capable of enduring/lifting 6x his weight class.
*Sleek physique and unorthodox joint structure enables peak speed and agility.
*Unorthodox but textbook hand to hand,mainly to disable/stun his opponent (prefers gun play)
*Rubber-like skin as durable as shark skin.
*When skin is broken, he secretes a tar-like substance that act as a healing agent/adhesive
*Excellent Marksmanship with projectiles
*Nanites in his bloodstream provides a seemlingly limitless healing factor. Though it does take a few minutes to complete regeneration and he most likely remains inactive during after extreme damage, He does regain full functionality.

*Kevlar-related suit which can endure limited energy based impact.
*Tightly graphed to keep limbs and anatomy from being dismembered/compromised(but can be punctured after constant attention)
*His "parents" constantly provide him with an arsenal of handguns and other projectiles.The favored are his duo hand guns that emits energy rounds. the other is a light-based dagger which extends to the length of about 2 ft.... which can connect to create a gun with a more concentrated blast (sniper capabilities).
*Carries Mal-orbs that are cherry sized that can serve two purposes :the membrane can be broken an its sap works as an acidic liquid his skins immune to OR thrown and emits a concussive "belch" of the acid.
*Helmet keeps him connected with his parents. In doing so, they can relay information throughout battle.

*Due to being totally shut off from the world until the wage of battle,he shows a slight sense of curiosity to things around him.
*Shown signs of possible traits picked up by his predecessor....

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