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Ziggy thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 7' (without horns)
 Created: January 25, 2010
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Update: Someone Ziggy was resurrected for no reason. He lost his left hand but Doodle Dan drew him a robot claw with a drill. It has a cable allowing the claw to shot out to unimaginable distances. He and Doodle Dan are partners in crime, and Ziggy is a member of THE BAD GUY"S gang. It's optional if you want to include Ziggy when battling Doodle Dan.

Ziggy: Is he a devil, a mutant, an alien!!!! no one knows, and honestly who cares cause he's on a mission. A mission from someone for some purpose that leads to being in SDT.

*Plate on his chest is basically indestructible, unless someone's got a laser gun or lightsaber (thank god the jedi are dead). it's also jointed so head can move around but is still limited. Hates we he's called Zigg-ey.

likes: Crank Series

Dislikes: Pigs (swine flu's been spooking him lately)

Quotes: "You see my fist!?! I don't cause it's in your face!!!"

Attributes (average person a 4, highest being 10)

Strength: 7
Speed: 7
Agility: 5 (with armor) 7 (without)
Skill: 8
Endurance: 11
Mentality: N/A

Personality: Ziggy knows what he looks like, and hates anyone who's thinks their the most beautiful. Has wild mode swings, slow reaction time, and above all is completely cliched'. He'll say a line from any movie villain, just because he thinks it sound cool coming from him. He'll do a pose to intimidate his enemies. he loves to show off his muscles and pick on anyone weaker. But when given an objective, he'll get it done. Even death won't get in his way.
-loves karaoke, and apparently sings like Frank Sinatra-

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