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Kojiro thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 1,85 cm (6,1 ft)
 Created: October 17, 2009
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Darth’s past

His background remains almost a mistery…
Although it is known that Darth came from a very futuristic and dark Planet Earth ( LX 01, future Lisbon )
In Darth’s reality, he was a fearless leader of a rebel faction, against the dictatorhip of Gentronix Corp’s Council, becoming a major thread in LX 01, even labelled as a terrorist…

Darth’s Skills

In Human form, Darth is an expert in several martial arts,knows how to use weapons, and he is excellent developing tactics…but his secret weapon it’s an hidden power, which he bears inside…
When Darth wants or needs, he can transform into a dragon like being called Kojiro.
In Kojiros form, Darth can fly, overplane, jump higher/faster with his wings (Kojiro could make disapear his wings whenever he want to).
Kojiro has a dragon tail too, and solid bone in his elbows and knees,which he uses to atack/defend, as well as a venomous bite capable of paralize (more precisely it's poison in his blood, like the reptiles) .
Kojiro got his metabolism enhanced,therefore he gets more powerfull,super senses,rough scale type skin (he can endure some bullets and weak laser shots).
Kojiro can also spit fire, just like a dragon would do…somehow he learn how to create and control small amounts of fire.
Ow, and for sure, Kojiro could learn some new tricks...DO THE EVOLUTION!

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