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 Created: September 21, 2009
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real name Dexter
age between 16 and 18 i think
Dexter was born in heart of the Digital Revolution estimated to have begun between 2014 and 2020, indefinitely. His parents were nothing special but he excelled at a very young age, so i took him as my pupil. His parents died in some war soon after that, gosh there was so many i couldn't be sure, but either way i continued to teach this young prodigy. It was not till we came to Void that i noticed a change in him. I began my job "Scheduling" another network, which a very important job i must say that takes me weeks and sometimes months into the future, i couldn't always keep my eyes on him. I lost "Track" of him, now that i think about a lot of designer limbs, drugs, and terminals went missing too.... wierd!

The Scheduler Oct to Dec 2037

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