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Lilitu thumbnail  Gender: female
 Height: 165cm
 Created: June 21, 2009
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(I redid the history for upcoming battles <3)

Name: Lilitu
Nicknames: Lili, Litu
Species: Human
Age: 21
Height: 165cm
Weight: 121 pounds

Occupation: before Void: newspaper carrier | Now: nothing
Birthplace: Germany



She is very stubborn. She has a bad temper and easily gets mad. Also very vulgar.
She is very outgoing, creepy when it comes to blood and disgusting things. She talks to herself a lot.
Lilitu is altogether a friendly person, when you are friendly to her.
She's easily distracted by many things.
She is very smart, but doesn't show that often. She hates it, when someone judges her by her outside.

Fighting Style::

She fights with her steel bat almost all the time.
A spirit lives inside the bat, and sometimes it possesses Lilitu. Actually, she has no magical power, but when she's possessed, the spirit can combine elements with the bat.
Here are some of the forms, that it can create:

(The bat takes no damage, whatever element is used)

*FIRE Bat (the white pupil changes red): The bat burst into flames above the handle and burns on until the fire won't be needed anymore.

*ICE Bat (the white pupil changes lightblue): The bat is covered with ice and ice spikes above the handle and freezes everything it touches. It can also shot spikes.

*LIGHTNING Bat (the white pupil changes yellow): The bat is electrified above the handle. Lightnings (coming from the bat) are hiting the oponent (or whatever the aim is).

*MAGNETiC Bat (the white pupil changes purple): The bat is magnetic.

*SHELL Bat: The spirit creates a magical shield around Lilitu. (it takes a lot power - after using this kind of magical bat, Lilitu is tired and sometimes she passes out.)

When the baseball bat isn't around, she will make a weapon out of everything. (wooden planks, bottles,...)



Lilitu lost her memories at the age of 18. As far as she can remember the baseball bat (and of course the spirit inside it) was always by her side. It's almost like the spirit is her family. She doesn't know if she has/had a family.
She worked as a newspaper carrier until she came to Void City.

Now she is looking for a new home, a new job and for a new destiny.

THE SPIRIT of the baseball bat:

Nickname (Lilitu's idea): Stennis (Steel + Dennis)
Species: spirit

He can communicate with Lilitu through her mind. When he possesses Lilitu he can use her to speak and act for him.
He has no form, he's invisible and uses the bat and Lilitu as an embodiment.

He's vulgar, cheeky and impatient, that's why he controls her more than nessecary.

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