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Lophii Formes thumbnail  Gender: female
 Height: 190cm/6'2
 Created: June 12, 2009
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Update: She is now blind on right eye plus has a bit of a scar coming out from inner corner of the eye.
Also two grey strands of hair are fairly new. Caused by post-injury stress and all that.

Lophii is working in the Moonshine pub as a bar staff.

She's usually grumpy and doesnt really care about others. Gets easily pissed off. She is very tall and got big boobs and generally is pretty (slutty?), but most males would rather stay away once they have chance to talk to her. She usually takes the initiative. Longer relationships are unlikely, one night stands - yes please.

She's got one proper superpower, which is being able to summon anglerfish of various sizes: as a whole fish, or just parts of it, kind of Cheshire cat style. If unlucky fella ends up being swallowed by a bigger one, as long as he was swallowed as a whole he is not killed but teleported (or whatever the word is ;)) somewhere else. Most likely location is near sea or ocean. She's also quite strong, but that's more her working out.

More about her looks: her eyes are black (you can't really tell from design sheet), outside corners of her eyes sort of dropping down. Her work outfit's got two versions, short and long sleeve, it's up to anyone who is drawing it. Outside work she will wear stockings and short skirts, will expose a lot of cleveage. NEVER she will wear high heels, as she is really tall anyway. Her work nametag thing hasn't really got her name in it, just a scribble.

How she got the power and what she was doing before working at Moonshine is not known... ;)

Lisa also works in the Moonshine, she's blonde, lazy and quite slow. Her right eye is black, left blue. She's pretty flat-chested. Not much goes through her mind...

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