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Hebe thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 1.72 m when in adult
 Created: May 2, 2009
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Ever since she was born, Hebe had a problem. Her body would age much faster than what it was supposed to. By the time she was a year old, she appeared to be around 5. When she was 8, she had the physical appearance of a teenager, her desperate parents were then contacted by Fedra of the Orphanage. She fooled them into thinking she belonged to a medical organization that could help their daughter and they left Hebe under her care.

Fedra adopted Hebe as a sort of surrogate daughter and taught her to control her powers. Hebe is a Cross, a creature created from fear, which was accidentally born into this world instead of its place of origin. The fear from which she originated was Gerascophobia, fear of aging. In order to restrict her aging, she needs to kill and feed off the blood of a living being, that will rejuvenate her. Human blood in general won't make her much younger, but the blood of a supernatural creature will. Though she drinks blood, it is more of a symbolic thing, since she directly drains the life out of her victim, hence she cannot feed her power off blood that has been stored for more than an hour or whose "owner" still lives. As a Cross, she posseses a special set of abilities, in Hebe's case, she can alter her body composition at will, she mostly uses this power to regenerate injuries, even those who would instantly kill a normal person, alternatively, Fedra taught her how to turn her hands into metal with her power, which she uses to fight. Any use of her cross powers, however, will age her considerably, regenerating after decapitation, for example, might age her several decades. If she goes over 80 o 90 years of age, she might die at any time.

Though she can look older, Hebe mostly acts her age, however, she is noy only smart but also selfish and spiteful. With the exception of Fedra, she cares little for the problems and pain of others. Currently Fedra has kept her away from important missions, she's been put in charge of hunting down the odd rogue lawyer until her "mother" feels she's ready for something more important.

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