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Prince Lepus thumbnail  Gender: Female
 Height: 5'1
 Created: April 27, 2009
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Bio: Lepus is the wicked creation of the queen of the universe, a small belgian hare. In order to test her and make sure she is suitable as sole heir of the universe, she tricks him into landing on earth (errand to get taquitos) where she must prove himself worthy of her title. Upon hitting the atmosphere, she looses the Ring of a Thousand Stars--her physical tie to the outer plane that she and her mother exist on. Stranded in Void city, Earth, she is trying to find her ring but also trying to find out what taquitos are.

Personality: Lepus is as equally subservient to destruction as she is to creation. She is often fascinated and amused with little things that seem to bore most humans. As the princess of the universe, she can often act entitled, even though she is stuck on earth just like everyone else. She does not become attached to humans unless she is amused and entertained by one. She is playful and mischievous with her abilities, and often does not know (or care) when she is doing harm. Lupus has no idea about socially constructed ideas such as gender and race. She has many characteristics in common with that of a wondering stray cat (except she's a hare).

EDIT: Massive Attack's poison changed Lepus's sex. She is now Princess Lepus.

Likes: wheat grass, making black holes, rabbits

Dislikes: when people shush him

Abilities: Even though Lepus has lost most of his godly cosmic powers with her ring, she still retains a lot of his abilities as well as his ties to other planes of existence. Although she cannot withstand flying into raw atmosphere or create black holes anymore, she can still glide and move fast enough to be a suitable competitor.
Main Abilities:
-talks to rabbits
-can make animals trip beyond any other drug found on earth. When she does this, she can only appear to the person as a white hare with a blue dot on its forehead. (However, you do not have to be tripping to see him in this form)

Weapons: Lepus retains the Pointy Stick of The Hourglass Nebula. It can change size for easy portability.

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