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Zatura Schindler thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: 5'6"(lol short)
 Created: April 19, 2009
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Personality: Asshole to boot, Zatura does what he can to get what he wants. Has a cocky attitude and doesn't think before he speaks most of the time. Being blind doesn't make him stupid. People can try to rip him off out of his money, but his beanie friend Papiyellow will call them out. Despite these characteristics, Zatura can be a gentle, caring person( when he wants to be). In a nutshell, if you're not his friend nor nice to him don't expect any sympathy from him.

Bio: Yes Zatura is in fact a blind, German gunner. He can't see you with his eyes, but he can see you with his ears and nose. Being of canine dissent Zatura really doesn't need his eyes since his hearing and smell are excellent to begin with. He loves guns and he loves launching beanies from guns. He is a very skilled sniper but can be a bit clumsy. His attitude often gets him into trouble(80% of the time to be exact).

Likes: Blowing shit up, Guns, Cities, causing a riot, his beanie friend Papiyellow, sleeping, eating

Dislikes: getting up in the morning, the annoying employees behind the counters at stores, people who think he's helpless or stupid because he's blind, people calling him "a Nazi"

Void: Trying to escape his deserted sandbar of an island, Zatura and Papiyellow set out for drinking, gambling and the city life of Vegas. Zatura however was led of track to the direction of Void City because his portable GPS sucks. Upon arriving he notices this indeed is not Vegas, but settles for Void anyway because hey it is a city.

Weapons: Guns and beanies. He uses any types of gun, the ones in the design sheet are specific guns he has.

Papiyellow Papiyellow is Zatura's beanie friend. He acts as somewhat of a guide dog for him, warning him of his surroundings, stopping him from running smack into a street lamp, telling him how much money he has and how much things cost, you get the idea. Papiyellow helps Zatura in battles as well such as informing him of his opponents certain moves. He loves to party Tongue

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