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HEAVEN-EARTH thumbnail  Sex: man-woman-robot
 Height: various
 Created: January 25, 2009
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Giant robot piloted by:

Light Ranger (male) - based on properties of Yang (sky, heaven,assertive,etc..)
draws power from the heavens for weapons,attacks, etc..
Summons Blade of Heaven from skies (Blade of Heaven is A pole arm-sword -aka Guan Do, or Naginata- with Yang blade)

Dark Ranger (female) - based on properties of Yin (ground, earth, submissive,etc..)
draws power from the earth for weapons,attacks, etc..
Summons Blade of Earth from underground (Blade of Earth is A pole arm-sword -aka Guan Do, or Naginata- with Yin blade)

Refer to each other as "Sun" and "Shade"

HEAVEN-EARTH can summon both Blades individually or can combine them into the ultimate weapon-double bladed staff

Rangers enter HEAVEN-EARTH via symbol on chest sliding open.

No-one knows where they came from, they may even be robots since none have seen them without costume.

Have taken up residence in the Lao Temple, the distant hills of VOID.
They guard this temple and help with daily routines.
Meditate peacefully most of the time.
The people of the temple think they are gods of some kind.

Seem to receive messages calling them to action within the city itself.
whatever this force is, they follow it's commands without question.

Strive for balance, fight best by alternating attacks, are weakened when separated over great distances.

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