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Leo thumbnail  Sex: male
 Height: 6'
 Created: December 31, 2008
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Some people in the forum pointed out that his design might be too complicated ... so those who don't feel like drawing all that detail can always go with the other outfit as shown in the intro or make up their own, I'm cool with that as long as his face is covered and he's wearing the necklace.

Character name: Leo (real name Léon de Lanval)
Age: ~719 (stopped aging at age 24)

Leo was born in 1289 in France. He was a knight templar and fought in the Holy Land. When he was 24, he was fatally wounded in battle. He died, but rose as an undead, cursed by a warlock.

Now, over 700 years later, Leo’s body has started to fall apart. The magic that held it together for centuries is waning and as a result, his body is slowly decaying. He takes meds to prevent this. The lower half of his face is already half-decayed, though, and he wears a mask so he won’t scare people off. His eyes aren’t the best anymore, and he has to wear tinted goggles. He’s almost blind without them. Some decades ago, he still retained his superhuman strength and reflexes, but now he’s only slightly faster/stronger than the average human. He doesn’t need to eat/drink, breathe or rest, though. Maybe his biggest advantage is his vast battle experience.

Lately his condition has become worse and he’s liable to black out sometimes and frequently has trouble moving. Leo isn’t bitter or anything about that, though. He’s lived more than long enough and is actually happy to be able to go. He drifted from place to place in search of a place to die … and eventually stranded in Void City.

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