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 Created: November 7, 2008
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The Mewofia

A gang of 4 cats known for stealing things from the asinine to the extravagant. They have a bizarre amount of dexterity and grip for only having cat paws. Only Norman can speak. The rest just meow and make cat noises.

Norman (2 1/2 feet tall): He's the brains of the operation. He speaks human. This means he can speak to any human/humanoid regardless of language (and to other cats). He is very eloquent, polite, and intelligent. He's also the only cat with opposable thumbs. He totes a small dart gun which shoots tranq darts. Also is Norse in religion.

Pess AKA Precious (2 feet tall): She's the stealthy one. Often she dons a variety of stealthy outfits to sneak into places and snatch items from under security systems. Her fur is ragged and she seems to cough a lot.

Terra (3 1/2 feet tall): Terra is the tallest one. She's also violently insane to most. She also is often in charge of driving.

Shadow (2 1/2 feet tall): Shadow is the strong man. He has a super strong chin. It can knock a moving train off the tracks. He is seen usually with a cigarette in his mouth. He supposedly is quite the ladies man.

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