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Penguin X thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 3' 3"
 Created: September 28, 2008
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Humanity has abandoned Earth. It is the year 20,0XX (2008 by the Penguin calendar), and in the land once known as New Zealand, penguins are the dominant species. Gifted with vast intelligence over the millennia, they have developed technology beyond current human capability, the pinnacle of which being their PenguinTech RDJ-class dXm Powered Battle Armour, with which they have finally overcome their cruel evolutionary flightlessness.

But all is not well in the Age of the Penguin.

Through the excavation of humanity's long-lost ruins, terrible news has been uncovered. It has come to the attention of the penguins that, almost precisely 20,000 years in the past (give or take an X or two), an event transpired in a location known only as "Void City" that changed the course of humanity, and set an end-date for the planet itself. With this date rapidly approaching, the best penguin scientists come to the conclusion that the only way to save the future is to send one of their best penguins to the past, and stop the event from happening.

This is the task of Penguin X.

Super-intelligence; Powered battle armour, which conveys a high level of personal shielding, as well as flight (in jet mode) and devastating offensive capabilities (in flame mode); Adorable; Really really big laser cannon.

Design notes:
Penguin X is a hyper-evolved Fiordland Crested Penguin (, and thus takes design cues from them. I've handled it in a very cartoony manner, but for those of you with more intense or realistic styles, you have full reign to un-cartoonify him if you want (in fact, it'd be totally awesome and I can't wait to see someone do that). All you have to remember when doing so is that his flippers have evolved unto silly chubby arms with 4-fingered hands on them.

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