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Koshi thumbnail  Gender: Boy
 Height: 4'
 Created: September 27, 2008
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Age: -58

Koshi can also cause nightmares, even when someone is awake.
Koshi's past is forgotten, but he still feels attached to a small doll. (see todd vs. koshi for ref.)
That is all.

Koshi is a ghost boy.
No, not like Danny Phantom or Ichigo Kurosaki.
He's just the soul of a mischievous little boy. No super death powers or anything, just normal ghost things. Turn invisible, go through solid objects, mild possession of the living and a little shape changing. Even though he is a ghost, he can still interact with physical things, and they can interact with him. Undead but not untouchable. He can regrow lost body parts, but it takes 4 months. Faster if it's summer.
He acts like a dick to antagonize his opponents, but is more clever than strong.

Likes: Scaring people, Summer, Shiny things, Rap/Hip-hop, his Oni mask, the number 4, making people angry, Pirates, fluffy animals and odd or strange girls. (though he's too proud to admit it.)

Dislikes: Spring, Fall, Winter, country music, cars, loud noises, people who don't scare easily, being ripped limb for limb, men, Ninjas, and stupid pretty girls.

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