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Jin and Mr. Mayson thumbnail  Gender: males
 Height: 5'1'' and 6'0'
 Created: September 17, 2008
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About 2-3 weeks ago (from the intro comic) Jin and his mom and dad were in a car crash. Jin blacked out for a minute or 2 and when he woke up he saw his mom all busted up up and dead. Jhen he saw her he went all histerical.ever Since then he's haunted by what he saw (hence the sudden flashbacks) the the dad went into a coma. Only thing that happened to jin was that the front seat backed into his legs (hence the brace) for right now he's in a foster home but Mr.Mayson will take him in later.
Basically, this is a coming of age story.

One of Jin's main thing is that he feels like the car crash was his fault cuz he was arguing with his mom who was driving and distrated her from the road and that's when they hit. Plus he feels guilty cuz he's the only one that didn't get that badly injured.Because of this when people try to talk to him about something serious or deep, or tries to be nice to him he makes a joke out of it and brushes it away cuz he thinks he doesn't deserve it.
Jin's personality is sarcastic and crude, shy at times and a bit short tempered. He can be a real smartass sometmes too.
Mr. Mayson is very kind and concerning. A bit of a nerd/dork at times. He has a horrible sense of humor.

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