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Deman Vulpes Hein thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6ft / 183cm
 Created: May 10, 2008
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A foundation of nearly all religion, Animism has been around since the beginning of the exploration of spirituality. The natives of the Americas thanked the souls of the animals they hunted for the animal’s sacrifice. The Greeks let each god rule multiple aspects of life such as Demeter over their crops. The Japanese saw collective spirits in every day objects such as lanterns and boats and eventually went so far as to create personalities and myths around each creature. Some of these beings were powerful enough or educated to the point of being able to summon and control the more menial spirits to do their bidding. One such being was what we reference today as the Kitsune.

Though he doesn’t necessarily approve of the label “Kitsune”, as its legend differs from reality about as much as the modern distortions of witches, wizards or various religious figures, Deman accepts the title for the sake of summarizing his presence as a supernatural creature of semi Japanese origin (“Semi” because he often claims European heritage after escaping isolationist Japan through the port of Dejima).

His exact age is unknown, but Portuguese use of Dejima dates back to 1634, a port from which he left for Europe. And though he presents a tempered and observational disposition, his personality often inverts proportionally to how much alcohol he has consumed (an abhorrence of the Tanuki, so prominent in Japan, may explain some of his self-deprecation). Once after one too many drinks, he was heard to remark: “Marx was an asshole, he kept saying he’d LIKE to buy me a drink but said if he did that then he’d have to buy EVERYONE a drink!” And in reference to the 19th century anthropologist; “I once kicked Sir Edward Burnett Tylor in the codpiece, how many of you mutton f#*!ers have done that?!”

Therefore he is most likely of a mid 18th century Dutch education, the Portuguese having been expelled for bringing Catholicism to the Asian island. His mercantile involvement with the VOC, the Dutch East India Trading Company, also explains the numerous globe-hopping stories he’s collected post-dating then.

Deman doesn’t have the trickster trait of most Kitsune. His image is stridently proper. This is due to his chosen profession of antique procurement, though in his case “antique” can describe anything from a classical vase or book to a lost childhood toy, or whatever holds cultural significance that the present owner may not entirely appreciate by Deman’s standards. In fact part of the reason his summoned spirits grant his commands is that the caster himself always strives to honor any gentleman’s agreement he has made.

*He is somewhat accomplished with the short sword, but is a master of summoning. Summoned spirits are not necessarily aligned with him but as the law of spells go each summoned spirit must make the effort to accomplish the summoners wish at least once before a full cycle of the sun (though only once).

*Deman can change his appearance to nearly anything or anyone, but only in areas lit by a strong singular source such as the sun since this is a trick of light and he cannot summon the spirits of multiple light sources to be in perfect synch.

*Hates dogs.

*Though he keeps them tied together as one, Deman does in fact have two tails, and once considered summoning a tsunami via whale god to level the Sega of Japan buildings. He awaits the day his maturity will bring him a third.

*The spirits of dead animals or broken objects change and remain somewhat present after death. So theoretically he could go so far as to ask a the spirit of a deceased animal (which is not necessarily that of the animal) how it was killed.

*Deman is something of an outcast among his own kind as he prefers his anthropomorphic state to his rarely used fox form, especially during these modern days of animal control and metropolitan paranoia.

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