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Kato thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5' 7
 Created: Prior to recording
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Kato is a megalomaniacal sociopath with incredible powers and an army of Albino Baby Seals with flamethrowers attached to their backs. He's got an exceedingly egotistical personality which makes him seem immune to reality. However, his bizzare abilities and zany quirks often make him more a hoot than horrible. He's never met a defeat that didn't rival those of Wile E. Coyote of Looney Tune Lore.

1. Healing-Kato has unbelievable healing capabilities. He could be blown into a million tiny pieces and still be able to reform in a few seconds.
2. Speed-Kato can move at the speed of light endlessly without tiring. Of course, this has drawbacks, like not being able to see where the heck he's going (every thing is a blur) so he runs in to things a great deal.
3. Light Energy-Using an ephemeral weapon, Kato has control over forms of light, heat or visible electricity. This allows him to fire small caliber projectiles of energy.
4. Teleporting- Kato can teleport anywhere within a 100-meter radius.
5. Yhank- Yhank is Kato's favorite albino baby seal. Yhank was genetically engineered to be more durable than even the strongest steel. Kato uses Yhank as a bludgeoning tool.
6. The Navy Seals-This takes the army term more literally. It is a massive force of baby seals all equipped with flame throwers. Together with Kato's light and heat controlling abilities they make an powerful inferno. Of course mind you, seals are aquatic creatures and fire doesn't do well under water. The seals are usually left to flop around on land which makes them very slow, and easily distracted.
7. Kato is a Werepyrehare. That is under certain conditions he unknowingly turns into a 12 foot tall musclebound 1/2 hare, 1/2 vampire, and 1/2 man with lust for tomatoes. He forsakes his speed and powers in this form.

1. Weak-Kato has little physical strength, and can only exert so much force even when moving at his maximum speed. Bricks would be more than sufficient to stop his light speed travel.
2. Collar-If his collar is grabbed, he becomes paralyzed.
3. Restriction- Kato has been internally equipped with a powerful restrictor belt. Sometimes it will malfunction and Kato will be left helpless.
4. Weak Minded-Kato for all intensive purposes is an idiot. A complete idiot.
5. Unconcious-If knocked unconcious, he’ll stay that way anywhere from 12 hours, to 6 weeks.
6. AD/HD-Kato is very easily distracted. Particulary around women and handicapped people.
7. Kato is afraid to use most of his powers. Primarily because he always gets hurt when he uses them.

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