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Caesar thumbnail Title: Tag Team Champion 2004
 Sex: Male
 Height: 5'7
 Created: Prior to recording
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Nicholas Bai was contracted by an organization known only as The Order of Light to infiltrate the organized crime family of Edward Niu. Nick worked hard and gained Niu's trust and became one of the crime lord's personal bodyguards, The Five Kings, known as Caesar. He was assigned to protect Niu's wife, Aidan, whom he fell in love with. After discovering that Niu himself was plotting to kill his wife and had anchored a demon to his own son, Nick fled with the woman and child. Sadly, in the escape attempt Aidan died.

Nick raised the boy, John, while hiding from Niu's gang. Eventually, the other four kings tracked him down and stabbed him enough to kill a normal man. Nick was able to fight them off enough to flee for a brief period. Before he died John unconsciously tapped into his dormant power trying to keep the man alive. As a result Nick's, John's and the demon's souls were united in Nick's body.

Thought dead by his pursuers and having lost his memory Nick began fighting in Void. Ironically, he was again named Caesar, but this time due to the scars that covered his back. Teaming with the angel, Talion, Nick and John were able to exorcise the demon from Nick's body, defeat it and recover John's own body.

Alive and sharing his body with no one else Nick and John helped defend Void City from the Baron and his evil hordes. They left Void shortly after in order to live in sorely deserved peace. However, Nick left behind his surrogate son to return to Void City for reasons known only to him.


For a brief period John Niu was called Caesar, but Nick has taken the name back since then.

While only human Caesar is one of the greatest martial artists in the world and his skill has transcended normal human levels. He is able to utilize his ki in order to augment his strength, speed and endurance. He is also able to channel that energy into a variety of attacks. In addition, his lifetime of combat experience allows him to think multiple steps ahead of his opponents to the point that some believe him to be clairvoyant. This not the case however, he's just really good.

Caesar generally keeps to himself but isn't antisocial by any means. He is friendly and not at all above trash talk while fighting.

He is roughly forty-two years old.

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