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Adonis thumbnail  Sex: Male
 Height: 5'11
 Created: April 11, 2008
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Adonis was a Speed Death Tournament 2008 Entrant. Died in Round 2 from Dr. Anthropos.

Age 55. (looks 35)

"Adonis" is not his real name [but rather an experimental label].

He was a VOID citizen from birth, growing up into this city and getting accustomed to the atmosphere. He led a pretty great life back then; he was a highly successful, regular human fighter who knew many types of martial arts and hand-to-hand combat styles, then quit to settle down and have a family. Except, that peaceful little vista was shattered when aliens invaded and abducted some stronger fighters to experiment on. He was one of the victims, and was pried away by force from his wife and only son.

Somewhere later down the line, Adonis broke free just in time for the SDT of 2008, with a whole new slew of superpowers from the experimentation as well as a variety of physical modifications.

At first glance, Adonis looks bitter and angry. That's because he is.
However, if you stick around a few seconds longer; he throws out one of the most wacky, hyperactive, and insane dispositions that it's hard for most people to tell that he was even pissed off in the first place.
He is a whimsical and unpredictable person by nature and jam-packed full of energy. He does what he feels like regardless of law, and is horrendously chaotic. Adonis will also act clumsy and foolish, and doesn't appear to take anything seriously, but it's really only a front. He has a good heart at the core, but it's been roughed up quite a bit by emotional wear and tear.

He is recovering his old memories piece by piece. His inane behavior is in part due to memory loss.

Ability-wise, Adonis is a physically adept, well-balanced fighter. Great speed, great strength, great fighting skill in close-combat and hand-to-hand. He will also most likely have any superpower you can think of, except he only puts them to use sometimes, when he feels like it, or when it's triggered by accident. He is also able to modify, fix, or hack/exploit various technology, as he used to be a mechanic.

He typically does not have any items or weapons. His primary weakness? Acting loopy and foolish and being unable to get his act together. The center of his torso, which was the fatal point of his death, is also a physically weak spot.

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