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Sebi The Immortal thumbnail  Gender: MMMM
 Height: 5'10
 Created: April 8, 2008
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Sources on Sebi the immortal is slim, but paranormal circles dictate that his run-in with the Hanged Fortune , a cricket diety that pulls the strings of causality, at an early age led to a life- a long life rather filled with strange occurences and freak accidents that he manages to get out of alive.

His age is unknown, as he has likely made a great effort to subdue any persisting records of himself but reports of a silver haired man that can cut objects cleanly in half with unlikely objects have been cited in legend for nearly 300 years in a span of various cultures.

Most sources nowadays just speculate that it's one man reenacting these unsung stories. Which is highly likey.
But his astronomical survival rate, however is something even insurance companies have been wanting to tap into for a long time now.

But when asked why he went to Void; field agents got only a simple answer from him ,

" I'm looking for death "

Personality>> He seems to act like a whole bunch of different people at once. He's definitely eluded our agents a copious amounts of times by assuming so many identities rendering their sources and observations invalid when it conflicted with other accounts....

Powers>> Various Force confrontations with him end in disaster, it has been once recorded that such an encounter with a full forced squad ended in an undisclosed desert location that has been closed up and treated on file as a nuclear weapons testing facility.

When electro graphs were scanned in the area, low levels of radiation- and heat images resembling people are seen. Culminating records of this have been matched with Sebi's past identities- from unassuming school students- to house wives- and business men... all of them at one point or another, wielding a Black Baseball Bat....

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