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Dane thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 5'7
 Created: March 6, 2008
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Dane is, above all else, a coward. A coward that can't control his mouth. He will often get himself into trouble, and START a fight, but will run away or do something to end the fight. He is not above fighting dirty, be it punching low or being flat out inappropriate. Typically, though, he will just run away. Fast.

Technically, Dane is a shapeshifter. And techincally, he could take on any shape he wants to. But it takes a lot of practice and focus to get it right. The only one he ever really mastered was a coyote. Because of this, he tells people he's a werecoyote, it's easier than explaining the rest. Nevermind that he can change at will, including his clothes, can shift to anything on the spectrum from human to coyote (just a tail, full blown furry, etc). He is also unaffected by the moon. Which might out him to other weres, but he tries to avoid that.

He's been friends with Crawford since junior high, but beyond that has almost no friends.

At work:
Dane works at a night club called The Serpents Pit. This is owned by a vampire named James Carmichael (his employees call him Osiris, but don't let him hear that), who has an assistant named Dimitri Hurst. Osiris makes it a point to remind his employees of their place, typically through fear and intimidation.

Most people would describe Dane as obnoxious and irritating. He hits on just about anyone (anyone legal, at least), but in the most irritating ways. Terrible pickup lines, being too aggressive, being utterly cheesy. Basically anything that guarantees he'll be shot down. This is because he wants people to have the lowest possible expectations so he can't disappoint them. It's just better that way. Otherwise, he loves to party, drink, being a total goofball clown to get attention. If his antics does lead to something other than rejection, he's gone by morning and never speaks to them again.

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