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Pothole thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 22.96ft / 7m/ F.HUGE
 Created: February 12, 2008
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Pothole is the result of the MULTIPLICATION of a jailed military great white shark and a pissed off devil.

As someone said once, "Devil is pretty much busy in this city", and he is. That's why he only lent one pair of eyes, and a mouth to the shark.

Pothole has 2 superpowers: He can swim on ANYTHING, being his favourite subjects, asphault and walls. When he uses walls, though, he tries to stay as near to the ground as possible, because he's fucking scared of heights!!
The other superpower is the bottomless stomach, allowing them to eat any amount of things, as well as any thing, they want. There IS a drawback, which they don't consider as it, though, which is SUPER HUNGER. They will eat. Offer them your life, and might leave your foot behind showing his kind side.

The devil hasn't got a name of himself, neither has the shark, but they are known as a criminal fighter named Pothole, because they leave those when attacking preys. They won't leave any trace if they swim deep into the ground. Obviously, he CANT see through rocks, ground and mud, but they still hear perfectly, while submerged.

Pothole's inferior mouth knows how to talk. It's expressions are associated to the devil eyes, which are the bigger orbs, and shall not be confounded.

The original shark has only left alive his body and instincts, while he's pretty much an undead, but still alive, and still a shark!

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