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Tanuky thumbnail  Gender: Male
 Height: 6'8
 Created: January 22, 2008
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*UPDATED: June 8, 2010

[This character will only accept trophy matches.]

[As of August 2009, "Trophy Match" is no longer an officially-supported battle type. This, of course, changes nothing.]

He's a wish-granter, a fortune-teller, an illusion-caster.

Like the tanuki of legend, Tanuky is fun-loving and mischievous. He enjoys making trouble and causing confusion, all in the name of good fun. His illusionary magic is almost unlimited, allowing him to transform, and create images of just about anything, images that can be solid to the touch.

The things he seek are good food, good drink, and... love. He's a bit of a flirt. WITH BOYS.

He has an affinity for objects. He's a collector, constantly seeking out precious and valuable things. However, he doesn't measure "value" the same way humans do. He likes things that are shiny, sure, but more than that are things of high spiritual or emotional value: the first peach of the season, a bullet that won a shooting contest... a well-used spatula, even. He doesn't understand human money (mass-produced garbage made of mere paper and dull metals), which gets him in trouble with humans on occasion.

Also, he just steals things sometimes.

He's a gambler, and likes to play games. And he's a terrible, terrible loser - he'll cheat like a mofo when things don't go his way.

Brandishing a custom-made Tarot deck, his accuracy goes unchallenged. It's unknown if what he's skilled at is reading the future or reading people. He's been around for a very long time, so either is a possibility.

Every item has a story. For Tanuky's full inventory, see the "Win Pose."
-Penguin shirt: discarded by a demon empress who no longer needed it. She had lost a lot of weight, you see. A LOT.
-Prayer beads: received from a demon slayer long ago in exchange for something (we don't know what). Rumors of the demon slayer being a former lover have all been dismissed.
-Geta sandals: received from an aging man in feudal Japan in exchange for friendship.
-Tan Tan Tarot: the strangest Tarot deck you will ever see.
-Sweatbands: came across these on the set of a music video in the mid-eighties.
-Plastic bunny watch: won from a little girl in a game of Mickey Mouse Yahtzee.
-Bunny "tattoo" on cheek: he's not saying where it came from, but he'd gladly give it away if he could. It's apparently part of a curse, and cannot be removed, not even when he transforms into something else. When he takes a human form, he can manifest it somewhere inconspicuous (like under clothing), but it has to appear on him somewhere.
-Huge Sack: can store an unlimited number of items, and can seemingly be pulled out of hammerspace.
-Hair Clips ( see "Tanuky vs. Aesimi & Beethoven"): Tiny plastic hairclips, given to a little girl by her beloved grandmother who "kicked ass at Halo 2." Therefore, they're probably considerably more special than a similar item taken from any other sort of grandma. >.>
-Sword (see "Tanuky vs. Deman Vulpes Hein"): a saber of Dutch design, gleaned from a fox who gleaned it from a sailor. Tanuky has altered the grip a bit to make it easier to hold with his large hands .
-Handkerchief (see "Tanuky vs. Deman Vulpes Hein"): Made from the sleeve of the aforementioned fox's dress shirt. It has "sentimental value." Tanuky keeps it in his back left pocket.
-Hawaiian shirt (see "Tanuky vs. Oz"): a blue shirt with an obnoxious pattern on it. He just happened to like it, and it just happened to be in his size.

Also, he sings. And he does it very well.

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