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Story for Priest: 1250 AD, England. A village captured by fear blames their local minister for the release of 1000 demons that now call their church home. As restitution, the people sentence him as a sacrifice and throw him into the basement of the chapel, and destroy any way of escape for the priest, hoping that this would appease the demons. It seemed to do so. Years pass by and civilization begins to move on as usual. It is now present day, and an excavation of the land reveals the remnants of the church. The basement is uncovered, where they find a lone man, without a name, and an ability to use the DARKNESS OF SHADOWS to his advantage. He now only goes by "Priest", the demon hunter. But it is still unknown, whether Priest is still human, or the demons' pawn.

Story for Miyuki: 1192 AD, Japan. Miyuki, a priestess chosen to battle a great demon swordsman is defeated and captured. She is then cursed to become his slave. As the normal world moved on, the demon world began to go into hiding. Priest, exploring the new world, stumbles onto the swordsman's hideaway, where he kills him. Miyuki, still cursed as a slave, choses Priest as her new master and aids him on his journey. But her human looks are very deceiving for her true powers. She is pure of heart and is able to use binding and stunning spells of light.

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